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Why Many People Fail to Achieve Goals

The most common reasons people fail to achieve goals:

Information overload

Some people don’t pay enough attention to their self-education. On the other hand, some people pay definitely too much attention to this certain area of their lives.

They constantly buy more materials, read more books, watch more seminars, ‘motivate themselves’ and think that they have to be perfectly educated and prepared before they actually start doing anything, and taking action.

Most people don’t even start watching the courses they bought and never finish the books they started reading! You will never be perfectly educated and prepared. You have to start ASAP and learn on the run.

There are also people who read and watch too many things at once. That’s not the way you do it.

You want to be focused, not all over the place. If you try to absorb too much information (even the most precious) at once and try too many different things at once, you will end up demotivated and confused.

What you need to do is to buy or download one educational material, read it, or watch it and then immediately apply what you learned into your life!

Try one thing, do as much as you can to succeed in mastering it, and just when you have made real use of it, try another one.



The fact alone of reading a lot about psychology, social dynamics, financial freedom, meditation, and other useful stuff without ACTING ON THIS KNOWLEDGE doesn’t change anything at all.

In most cases, it’s a waste of hours and energy.

Your time would be better spent if you just took a walk in a park or read a fiction book. If you want to change ANY area of your life, you need to TAKE ACTION!

Visualizations are very useful, the law of attraction can be cool, but you’re the only one to set your shoulders to the wheel!  It’s about hustling, not wishful thinking! Stop eternally waiting for the ‘right time’ to begin!

Believing in motivation instead of believing in the power of habit

Constantly looking for motivation is like a drug addiction. It takes your power away.

Motivation comes and goes.

You can go to a seminar or watch a cool YouTube clip with this sports coach shouting at you and people jumping on bungees and with parachutes, feel extremely motivated for the next two hours, and then it all goes away and you go back to normal.

Success is not about looking for motivation!

Success is about making the decision that you badly want to achieve something, setting exact goals, and creating habits that will take you to these goals.

It’s about regular, everyday small victories.

If you have your habits in place, you don’t have to be constantly looking for ‘motivation’!

Not living in the now

The fact that you’re not entirely happy with some areas of your life doesn’t mean that you have to reject your present life.

If all you do is run to your goals, without appreciating what you currently have and what you have already achieved, it will make you tired, numb, and depressed.

You have to be grateful, you have to be mindful, you have to take pride and joy in making small everyday progress, taking small steps, and simply living your current life!

Don’t treat your self-development journey as another way of escaping reality.

Don’t hide behind it.

Notice all the little precious things around you!

Giving up

If you decide to give up at one point, it doesn’t even matter that you even started in the first place. It doesn’t really matter much how many months or years you need to achieve your goals.

The point is to achieve them at some point!

So many people fall just before the last hill.

So many people believe ‘the hype’ and resign as soon as they encounter their first serious obstacle.

If everything was so easy, everyone would be rich, healthy, wealthy, happy, and fulfilled.

I’m not saying this to bring you down; hyped expectations and believing that you can deeply transform yourself overnight is what can bring you down and break your heart.

You have to PROMISE YOURSELF that you won’t give up on your vision of the life that you want to have in your heart of hearts!

NEVER SURRENDER! It makes no sense at all.

Believing the hype

Life is not easy, not fair, and no one ever said it will be. It’s not a trap, but not a Hollywood fairytale either.

Many people fall for marketing hype telling them that ‘overnight success’ is possible and that personal change is very easy. Not really.

Here comes the truth: it requires constant work, lots of struggle, stubbornness, and fixed direction.

People often believe in magic bullets, wonderful programs that will take them by the hand and lead them to the promised land, seminars that will solve all their problems in two days, pills that will make them lose weight in one week (‘while eating everything you want!’), etc.

If you want it ‘easy’ and ‘fast’, you are not too likely to realize your dreams and your plans.

Self-development is usually SIMPLE, and yes, some things you can do are really easy, but the journey towards greatness is rarely super easy or fast.

Even if it is, you always have to sacrifice one thing for another (e.g. stop going out so much and focus on your business education, or stop watching TV and start going out more to meet some people and train your social skills, etc.).

On the other hand, I’m not saying it has to be hard, it all depends on what you want to do. Maybe you are really talented or simply lucky. You never know until you go.

But if you want to be consistent and really effective in the long term, don’t believe in magic pills and ‘overnight success’ stories!

Believe in small little tasks and steps repeated every single day, believe in consistency, consequence, power of habit, and stubbornness. Motivation and talent are extremely overrated!

The process can be hard sometimes, but that’s what gives you satisfaction, creates a strong personality, and radically boosts your self-esteem. Remember: you need the process, not events!

So, are you ready to work on your goals?

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