Lisa K Bonner

Lisa K Bonner
Empowering Human Potential

Senior HR Director | Human Capital Expert | Thought Leader


Maximized HC ROI =
Strong EQ Leadership +
High-Performing Teams

In today’s competitive business landscape, achieving maximum return on human capital investment (ROhcI) is a top priority for organizations. One critical factor that drives ROI is Human Capital Development (HCD), the practice of investing in and developing employees to improve their skills, productivity, and job satisfaction. By leveraging HCD expertise and innovative strategies for strong EQ leadership and high-performing teams, organizations can unlock their full potential and achieve greater success (low-turnover).

ROI-Based Human Capital Management Plans

Business Level


*Anonymously. Across several metrics.
The Good The Bad The Ugly.



Human Level

30-Day Recruiting

1 Year Onboarding


Transforming the Corporate Workplace

The Old Way of Doing Things: 

  1. Profit-Focused
  2. Hierarchical Pyramid
  3. Direct Leadership
  4. Plan & Predict
  5. Rules & Control 
  6. Centralized Authority
  7. Secrecy
  8. Job Descriptions

B.O.R.I.N.G., Out-Dated, Filled with Corporate Dogma.

There’s a MUCH BETTER Way: 

  1. Vision & Goals
  2. Network of Teams
  3. Supportive Leadership
  4. Experiment & Adapt
  5. Freedom & Trust
  6. Distributed Decision Making
  7. Radical Transparency
  8. Talents & Mastery

Exciting, Cutting-Edge, HUMAN ROI!

Meet Lisa K

As a highly skilled HCM Director/VP, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise (20+ years) to the Human Capital function, consistently demonstrating a results-driven and team-oriented approach. #TeamWorx

My specialties include workforce analytics and insights, employee assessment and evaluation, labor relations, professional development, organizational development, diversity and inclusion, and HR generalist practices. 

  1. The key to life is laughter, #DadJokesRule.
  2. You can’t go wrong with a really good cookie, #CookiesAreLife.
  3. Comfy Footwear makes a difference. #NoHeels
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Lisa K Bonner, SPHR - Human Capital Development Expert a.k.a #BadBossFixer #HRQueenOfHrts

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