Director/VP of Human Resources

Senior Human Resources
Leadership Expert

Human Resources Expertise

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Human Resources

Complete Human Resources Generalist, People Management, Human Capital Specialist, Senior Recruiting, and Senior Director.

I’ve successfully developed Employee Engagement programs, set up progressive discipline programs, new supervisor/manager development programs, SOPs, and hundreds of Employee Handbooks (with the assistance of Legal counsel).

I’ve developed 90-day Employee Onboarding programs, 90-day Executive Onboarding programs, and 90-day People Manager Programs.



Total Rewards /Compensation

Ok, I get it.  Not everyone is as excited about cookies as I am.  They tend to want a bit more from their employer.  That’s where Total Rewards comes into play.

From compensation (including salary banding) to benefits to recognition to well-being, a strong Total Rewards package helps keep your turnover low.

I can take an existing plan and make it better, with cost-effective savings, or I can build a strategic plan for your company from the ground up.

BTW, a sincere “THANK YOU” said out loud and in front of the team goes farther than you think it does.


Multi-State Payroll & Benefits

Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, and Florida

Variable Pay, commissions, Multi-Pay Rates, Deferred Comp, Child Support, Wage Garnishments, IRS Liens, etc.   You name it, I’ve done it.  From calculating payroll with a pencil and calculator to an Excel spreadsheet, to today’s payroll systems — I’ve successfully taught and trained payroll teams to process payroll.

ADP Workforce Now

Top-Down Leadership Development


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E.I. Leadership

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Mindful Leadership

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Meet Lisa K Bonner

Hey!  How the hell are ya?  So, a bit about the “me” behind the Human Resource Smarty-Pants Experty-ness (totally a real word)

I’m a very positive and extroverted personality type.  But, I’m not loud.  I tend to listen first and speak later.  

  • I’m an 80s music and movie junkie.  Steel Magnolias is my favoritest movie ever, next to the Wizard of Oz.
  • I think sneakers are better than heels and sandals are better than sneakers, but I’d much rather run around barefoot.
  • I love puttering around out in my flower and veggie gardens.
  • Relaxing in my recliner snuggling with my Pekingese/ Terrier mix old dog, Buddy is next to heaven.
  • Football (Saints!  Who Dat?!) is better than baseball (except for the Cubs or Indians).
  • Lily Tomlin, Lucille Ball, and Robin Williams are the funniest comedians to have ever lived.  (I said what I said.)
  • Never throw away an old phone cord, cable cord, or any cord, really.  You just never know when you’re gonna need that sucker.
Lisa K Bonner
My favorite quote:
"If people are slinging mud at you -- it's only because they're covered in it and don't know how to wash it off."

Something my daddy used to say when I was mad someone hurt my feelings.

I am THE #1 BadBossFixer.

Toxic Leaders Create Toxic Cultures

Which causes:

High turnover.

Very LOW productivity.

Decreasing Sales.

Decreasing Profits.

Decreasing Market Share.

You can't fire everyone.
You can't ignore them, either.

Negative behaviors allowed to run rampant will destroy a company,

Bad Bosses have cost Companies more than $630 BILLION since 2020